Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

I never thought I’d have a reason to be grateful for my son’s cradle cap…

We are slowly encouraging interaction between Angus and the dogs. Yesterday, Mysti, gentle soul that she is, came over as I cradled Angus in my lap, to give his wispy hair a couple of sniffs and his forehead a couple of licks, before curling up to snooze beside me. Awww…❤❤

And then Maggie came bounding over, squashing Mysti underpaw as she clambered over her for a closer look at Angus. “Careful, Maggie!” I said gently, giving both permission and a warning. Maggie has a big heart, but at times gets possessed by a FOMO demon and can wreak a bit of havoc. And when her tail is wagging so hard that the entire bottom half of her body wiggles from side to side, like it was at that moment, you know that with each hip shake, more than a few brain cells are getting rattled looser and looser.

Maggie wanted to do what Mysti did – FOMO! – and leant in for a few sniffs of Angus’s hair. “Okay, that’s enough now, Maggie,” I said, gently pushing her away. Maggie, however, saw this as an invitation to duel and reciprocated by duking back with her paw. Over Angus’s scalp.

Angus let out a howl and I pulled him upright to inspect the damage, expecting to see rivers of blood and eviscerated brain matter (such are the logical conclusions drawn by a new parent). Two distinct trenches had been dug through his (moderately thick) cradle cap. But no gushing wound, no brain goop. Just a couple of plough lines parting the snowbanks of his flaky scalp..

So, thank Buddha for cradle cap. And until Angus decides to grow more hair on the top of his head, I say let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…


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