Mum does Dad Jokes, Too

Mumma knows how to do dad jokes...


Working it Out

In no particular order, here are some things I've learned this year since becoming a 'working Mum'*: Getting out of bed at 5.35am means that I've slept in, and am already running late. Separation anxiety peaks around 10-15months of age. I found this out, of course, only after we had started barely-10-months-old Angus in daycare. … Continue reading Working it Out

Guiding Hand

"Back when Angus was still Cletus the Foetus, my dreams for his future were modest: Captain of the Wallabies, Australian Prime Minister, and a Nobel prize of some description..."

Song of our Leprechaun

"Our little boy is learning to talk. To Andy's joy and my chagrin, "Dad" was the first word Angus formed. I was slightly mollified when "Mum" was second on the list, albeit quite a few weeks later. And then Andy and I found ourselves both being called Mum and Dad interchangeably - I'm proud that my son refuses to pander to gender stereotypes..."

First Tooth

As I dropped Angus off at the gym creche this morning, I was excited to tell the minder, "I just noticed downstairs - Angus has cut a tooth this morning!" The minder gives me a look, and replies, "That tooth was there when you dropped him off yesterday..."   #parentfail #thetoothhurts