Here’s a Warning Label – Part 2, Down the Duff

"...time to continue on from my post from the other week, and list some of the things I wish had read on a warning label, before my husband and I decided to switch from 'baby-proofing' to 'baby-making'..."


Shit Happensย 

Today, as I was cuddling Angus, gently patting his bottom as he nestled his head into my neck, Angus pooed with such force, velocity and volume that...

Let Sleeping Baby Lie

...Before Angus commenced his roll down my Fallopian tube, my personal exposure to infants had been quite minimal. Mostly, it was limited to politely refusing when parents asked whether I wanted to hold their baby...

Java, java, java!

I have been sitting in this cafe for 90 minutes now, I'm reaching the end of my third mug of coffee and I don't intend to leave any time soon. My little beast is, finally, sleeping soundly and I would rather burst my bladder than disturb his slumber...

Won’t Somebody Think of the Children?ย 

Andy and I are finding out just how hard it is to give all of your children equal affection and attention, all of the time. Especially when one of them demands your input into every mouthful, your assistance with cleaning up every excretion, and relies on you as his primary mode of transport.