Java, java, java!

I have been sitting in this cafe for 90 minutes now, I'm reaching the end of my third mug of coffee and I don't intend to leave any time soon. My little beast is, finally, sleeping soundly and I would rather burst my bladder than disturb his slumber...

Won’t Somebody Think of the Children? 

Andy and I are finding out just how hard it is to give all of your children equal affection and attention, all of the time. Especially when one of them demands your input into every mouthful, your assistance with cleaning up every excretion, and relies on you as his primary mode of transport.

Jabbity jab jabs

... Nope. I was as cool and as clinically objective as Dr Cucumber. Son, if it hurts then that's just the needles doing their job. Short term pain for long term gain. Get a cup of cement, Master Angus, and harden up...


On the fact that Angus looks so much more like Andy and his family, than me and mine: Andy: "I'm glad that I married such a genetically recessive woman."