Here’s a Warning Label – Part 1, Up the Duff

" the spirit of sharing with those preparing for breeding and rearing, I've decided to write a list of some of the things that I wish had read on a warning label, in a mainly chronological but otherwise rambling order..."


Our first splash…

Today was the day of our very first baby swim class. I've always loved swimming myself and, back in my oh-so-innocent, didn't-know-that-motherhood-is-nothing-but-work-work-work days, I had a few 'warm and fuzzies' daydreaming about how lovely it would be...

💩💩 This shit ain’t bananas 💩💩

Shout out to my lovely cleaner who didn't bat an eyelid yesterday as I ran around shirtless, clutching a naked Angus, inside and outside of the house, with poo smeared across my arm. "Just let me know if I need to go back over and clean anything again." #justanotherthursday #theladyisagem #howmuchpoocanonelittlebodyhold

Two Tales of a Morning

The following passages are true, unedited excerpts taken directly from the daily journals of Bec and Angus. For clarity, Angus's entries are presented in blue italics while Bec's remain in plain font (Angus won the coin toss)...

Sleeping in the Guano

"...Clearly, so many of us parents, new and experienced, are being driven a little north of bat-shit crazy in our quest for the holy grail - a baby that achieves the quantity and quality of sleep it needs, while we also get the quantity and quality of sleep we need..."